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Login Barcode Creator

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Use Login Barcode Creator to create your own login barcode. You will then be able to login to your Handheld Barcode Reader by scanning your barcode instead of manually entering your credentials each time. Barcode image will appear once you click the Create Login Barcode button. (Note: You have option to use Enter key or Tab key after entering username to advance the cursor to the password field, but either will probably work in most cases. Barcode must be scanned while in your login screen on your handheld device. Code128 is the default, and probably the best in most cases, but if it doesn't work you can try some of the others. Not all scanners can handle 2d barcodes, such as PDF417 or QRCode.)

You can then print out this page or right-click on the barcode image to save it for editing. After printing, use scissors to trim the barcode to the desired size. For 1d barcodes (the ones with vertical bars and spaces) it doesn't matter how tall you leave it, but be sure to leave at least some white space to the left and right sides.

Be sure to keep your barcode image secure in order to prevent unauthorized persons from logging into your account. DO NOT simply make copies of your barcode and pass them out! Link your colleagues to this page (see the QR code below) so they can make their own. There are obvious security risks involved since somebody could use the barcode to login under your name, so you'll want to keep the barcode in a secure place. Tape it to the back of your name badge, if possible. That way it's always available and secure. Use this at your own risk. If you suspect somebody is using your barcode just change your password and make another one.

If you are viewing this on your smartphone you can test the barcode by scanning your screen. You will probably need to center on your barcode and zoom in as much as possible. Set your screen to maximum brightness. Hold the scanner as close as possible to the screen and then slowly pull it away from the screen for best results. Hold the scanner at a slight angle to the screen since directly reflecting the beam back at the scanner might "blind" it to what you are trying to scan. Sometimes it's difficult to scan a smartphone screen, so you might have to print it out on paper in order to make it work.

If you'd like to share this with friends and co-workers, let them scan the QR code below with their smartphone. (They might need to install a QR scanner app first.) It will take them to this page so they can use Login Barcode Creator to create their own login barcodes. Or, simply direct them to this page at https://mwganson.freeyellow.com/lbc. Searching Google with the text "Login Barcode Creator" (quotation marks included) should also bring you to this page.

I have also created a table of barcodes (1,263 KB) you might be interested in. It's a PDF file containing a table of barcodes from 0 to 1,000 which you find useful for entering quantities. Print them out and scan them instead of manually keying in those numbers.

Thanks to https://github.com/metafloor/bwip-js for their online barcode generator.

I can be reached at MWGANSON AT HOTMAIL.COM. Put LBC or Login Barcode Creator in your subject line. I welcome all comments/suggestions/flames.

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