EditSubMenu Help

This is the screen from which you can edit your SubMenus. The following tags are available for your macro definitions:
[;comment]   (comment tag will be ignored by WinKeySim)
[!nnn]       (where nnn is the number of milliseconds for WinKeySim to sleep in order to avoid keyboard buffer overflow)
[#nnn]       (where nnn is a base 10 integer representing the hardware scan code of the desired key)
[^str]       (copy the string "str" to the clipboard)
[paste]      (sends a [ctrl]v[ctrl_up] sequence)
['c']        (where c is an alpha-numeric character key, such as a, b, c, 1, 2, 3, etc.)
[&nnnPROMPT] (user input-- nnn is a number from 0-9 representing which slot to save user input into and PROMPT is a query string)
[%nnn]       (where nn is a base 10 integer from 0-9 representing which slot to retrieve data from)
[multi]      (use a multi-line edit control to receive user data when using [&nnnPrompt] tags)
[single]     (use a single-line edit control for user input prompts)
[*str]       (str is the default value to place in the user input edit control which receives user input)
[up]         (arrow keys)
[F1]         (function keys f1 through f12)
[back]         (back space)
[apps]        (special windows keys)
[ctrl]        (special modifier keys ctrl, alt, and shift require separate [???_up] tags)