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WorkoutGenSD -- the authoring tool for iFit(TM) compatible workout equipment

Notice: WorkoutGenSD currently only automatically checks for updates once every 7 days. If you want the very latest version, simply download the setup.exe file and execute it. It will automatically update you to the latest version. setup.exe
If you're using Windows 8 or 10 and are getting a direct x error, use this file. It has all the mp3 stuff disabled to avoid the direct x conflict.

You might need to update your DirectX drivers here.

By the way, brains need to workout, too. Check out my latest project, Trim and Fit, a workout for your brain. This is a completely free word puzzle game written in HTML5 using Javascript and CSS.

New: try the WorkoutGenSD online version. Use it in your browser, no need to install anything (unless you need to for creating audio files). The online version is a script compiler, no graphical user interface except for a text box to enter your script into and buttons to generate the files, download them, etc. But it's really easy to do, instructions and samples on the online page, and offers a new feature to create "mid-intervals" of shorter durations than 1 minute.

About WorkoutGenSD

WorkoutGenSD is a freeware application for Windows XP/NT/Vista, written by me, Mark Ganson. It is used to create workouts that are compatible with iFitTM compatible treadmills. I plan to add support for the bikes and elliptical trainers in the near future. System requirements are: 1024x768 screen resolution (or higher) and the Microsoft .NET frameware version 3.5 (or later). The setup program will automatically install the .NET framework for you if you don't have it installed on your PC.
Additionally, you will need an SD card that is compatible with your treadmill. I have discovered through experimentation and through consultation with others on the subject via e-mail and bulletin board systems, that the compatible SD cards are generally those with capacities of 256 MB, 512 MB, and 1 GB. Generally speaking, cards with capacities higher than 1 GB will usually not work. It is *NOT* an SD/SDHC issue. 2 GB SD cards will not work.
I have created a few sample workouts that you can use to test your SD card for compatibility. Simply extract them to the root directory of your SD card. They should be placed into [SD Root:]\iFit\Tread\ when all is said and done in order for the treadmill to recognize the files. You will need a fantastic freeware utility named 7-zip to extract these files. 7-zip also handles regular .zip files.
Here are some SD Memory Cards that might or might not work with your equipment.

I suggest the Lexar or Kodak brand cards 2 GB or under. Generic cards might also work. Higher capacity cards might work, too, but I don't know for sure.

You should be able to use microSD or miniSD cards, too. Just make sure they come with the full sized SD adapter before you buy. iFit is a registered trademark of Icon Fitness. I am not affiliated in any way shape or form with ICON Fitness.

WorkoutGenSD creates the files expected by the treadmill for you. All you need to do is set your desired speed and incline for each of your workout intervals (intervals are one-minute workout segments). Workouts can be from 20 minutes to 60 minutes in length. Each SD card can hold up to 26 workouts. Workouts can include wave files, which can be added from disk, recorded via microphone, or computer-generated TTW (text-to-wave) files.

WorkoutGenSD is a free program, but if you wish to make a donation you may do so. The link will bring you to paypal, but you do not need a paypal account in order to make a donation.

Known Issues


Version 0.2009.4.8:

Version 0.2009.4.9:

Version 0.2009.4.10:

Version 0.2009.4.11

Version 0.2009.4.12

Version 0.2009.0412.2

Version 0.2009.0412.3

Version 0.2009.0412.4

Version 0.2009.0413.1

Version 0.2009.0416.1

Version 0.2009.0416.2

Version 0.2009.0417.1

Version 0.2009.0418.1

Version 0.2009.0419.1

Version 0.2009.0419.2

Version 0.2009.0420.1

Version 0.2009.0420.2

Version 0.2009.0420.3

Version 0.2009.0420.4

Version 0.2009.0420.5

Version 0.2009.0421.1

Version 0.2009.0421.2

Version 0.2009.0421.3

Version 0.2009.0423.1

Version 0.2009.0423.2

Version 0.2009.0424.1

Version 0.2009.0424.2

  • Another bug fix, this one related to the automatic text-to-wave files, which were being given invalid names in some previous version.
  • Version 0.2009.0424.3

    Version 0.2009.0427.1

    Version 0.2009.0427.2

    Version 0.2009.0427.3

    Version 0.2009.0427.4

    Version 0.2009.0428.1

    Verions 0.2009.0428.2

    Version 0.2009.0505.1

    Version 0.2009.0511.1

    Version 0.2009.0511.2

    Version 0.2009.0511.3

    Version 0.2009.0511.4

    Version 0.2009.0512.1

  • Requested modification: Changed upper limit of workout lengths from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The slider controls are jammed in pretty tightly at 90 minutes, but they're still manageable.
  • Version 0.2009.0512.2

    Version 0.2009.0518.1

    Version 0.2009.0520.1

    Version 0.2009.0526.1

    Version 0.2009.0614.1

    Version 0.2009.0626.1

    Version 0.2009.0626.2

    Version 0.2009.0706.1

    Version 0.2009.0802.1

    Version 0.2009.0813.1

    Version 0.2009.0908.1

    Version 0.2010.0314.1

    Version 0.2010.0413.1

    Version 0.2010.0415.1

    Version 0.2010.0418.1

    Version 0.2010.0418.1

    Version 0.2010.0418.2

    Version 0.2010.0420.1

    Version 0.2010.0420.2

    Version 0.2010.0421.1

    Version 0.2010.0530.2

    Version 0.2011.0130.1

    Version 0.2013.0328.1

    Version 0.2013.0329.1

    Version 0.2013.0429.1

    Version 0.2013.0429.2

    Version 0.2013.1112.2

    Contact me at mwganson AT hotmail DOT com with any questions/comments/suggestions/criticisms/etc.

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