Mark's Adding Machine (C) 1999-2001, By Mark Ganson

What it is?

Mark's Adding Machine (MAM) is an adding machine / calculator for Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0 or later. It features support for multi-column printing of tape at user-selectable font sizes, support for text-to-speech engine for reading back of tape contents, spreadsheet and wordprocessor program integration via Windows clipboard, user-definable macros to automate repetitive tasks, separate memory LED, mouseover status bar quick help, and, best of all, it's FREE!

How to get it?

The latest version is v1.30. File size is 987932 bytes. You can download from here:

Here is a screen shot (32,431 bytes) .

If you have already installed a previous version of MAM, please delete it and get the latest version.

Added: May, 11, 2008:

Is there a version of MAM that will work under Linux?

No. Yes. Sort of...

MAM v1.30 can be made to work under linux using WINE (WINdows Emulator). To get it to work, you will need to download, which is simply an archive of the files the setup program extracts to the destination MAM folder. This is necessary because the setup program (a 16-bit app) included in the Windows archive doesn't work under WINE. Once you've downloaded, simply extract it to the destination folder into which you wish to install MAM, e.g. ~/MAM. You will also need to, of course, install WINE. This can usually be done through a terminal via apt-get install wine. You will probably need to be logged in as root or use sudo apt-get install wine under ubuntu. To execute MAM under WINE, open a terminal window and enter wine MAM.EXE from the folder where you extracted the MAM.EXE file.

Very important: BE SURE TO READ THE LICENSE.TXT FILE INCLUDED IN THE ARCHIVE BEFORE INSTALLING! Pay careful attention to the WARRANTY section. In short, there is none. By downloading and installing you are agreeing to the terms of the agreement inside License.txt.

There are a few issues to be aware of in using MAM under WINE. First of all, if you decide to uninstall MAM you will have to manually remove the stuff MAM puts into the WINE virtual registry. It won't hurt anything to leave all the stuff in there, though. Since the setup program doesn't work under WINE, the uninstallation will also not be able to automatically remove the registry settings in WINE. Another issue is the probability that you will not be able to get the speech stuff to work under WINE unless you can find a speech engine that also works with WINE. Aside from that, the program *should* work quite well, but no guarantees. Based upon the very minimal testing I've done under Ubuntu 8.04 some of the features even work better under WINE than under WinXP.

Note: the above linux workaround (sans WINE) will also probably work under Vista or any other version of Windows if you're getting the error that 16-bit apps are not supported. The setup.exe file is a 16-bit app, but MAM itself is a 32-bit app.

What's the difference between v1.00, v1.10, v1.20, and v1.30?

Not much between 1.00 and 1.10. The primary difference is that v1.10 contains the updated documentation proclaiming its freeware status, whereas v1.00 was originally distributed as shareware. The only other difference is that the top header in the printed out tape boxes has been removed. In v1.00, the tape box printouts contained four (4) lines of text at the top of each page, giving the copyright information, registration information, a user-definable motto, and a blank line. I decided that these four (4) lines would be better used for tape box contents. (If you like the idea of putting a company motto or slogan, you can still do this with the comment feature.) There were no bug fixes in this release.

There were several enhancements added between 1.10 and 1.20. These include: support for multiple column printing, support for text-to-speech engine for reading back tape contents, ability to hide the middle key area to make more room for a larger tape box, tape box resizes when the program window is resized, the ability to disable certain warning boxes that popup - namely: prompting to save modified files upon exiting and verification when hitting the Clear All (CA) button, and a number of other minor changes.

Version 1.30 added a number of minor enhancements and bug fixes. A "European Mode" was added, which swaps the comma (,) and dot (.) operators to match their usage in Europe. Fixed a bug which was causing comments to be lost in the total and subtotal lines. Fixed Always on Top bug (again). Added ReMap Keypad option, which remaps keypad keys: - = total, enter = plus, + = minus. Added Auto Comment Subtotal option which automatically adds the current subtotal as a comment to every line in the tape box. Added option to print/print preview negative values in red and set this to be the default action (requires color printer) Added option to automatically copy the current running total to the clipboard. Option to swap main led and memory LED indicators. Added comma accelerator key for European mode. Note that there weren't any modifications between beta version 1.30 and releast version 1.30 except that I gave up on the receipt printer mode and removed that option.

Why was MAM converted to freeware?

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't exactly getting rich with it. I figured I could get more people to download MAM if it was freeware. Further, every person who registers will have to do it from this web page. I think it is a safe assumption that the typical registered user, demographically speaking, will have at least a passing interest in business-related products and services, thereby creating an opportunity for targeted banner ads. I also hope to take advantage of the web traffic flow to introduce program registrants to my other web sites: NFLPicker, PowerballPicker, Java4Free!, and WinKeySim Finally, there is a certain sense of satisfaction to be derived from giving the program away. It's hard to explain, but let's just say I've been inspired by other freeware programmers to make my own little contribution to help make cyberspace a better place. (; In any event, you should get it now before I come to my senses ;)

What are the system requirements for using MAM?

Generally speaking, MAM should run on just about any computer running Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 or later.

Minimum requirements:
IBM Compatible 386/486/Pentium or equivalent processor
Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 or later
8 MB RAM should be sufficient
4 MB free hard drive space is more than adequate for the installation
VGA or higher with at least 640 X 480 resolution (800 X 600 recommended)
Mouse or pointing device recommended
Properly configured web browser, Internet connection, and valid e-mail address (for free online registration)
Properly installed Text-To-Speech Engine (for speech features).

Where can I find a Text-To-Speech Engine?

You can download the cgram engine here (856784 bytes). You can get an updated version at the Microsoft Agent website. Click to the downloads section and select one of the Lernout engines in the language of your choice. Depending upon the language you choose, you might also need the spchapi4 binaries available at the msagent site. If you can't get the speech stuff to work, please e-mail me.

Why should I register MAM?

Why not? It's FREE! Also, the registered version allows up to 1000 lines in the tape box per document. The unregistered version only allows a maximum of 25 lines. Note that as of July, 2003, I will no longer be keeping a list of registered users' e-mail addresses. That means you must check here periodically to find out about future upgrades.

Where do I get the free registration passcodes?

Click here.

Are there any known bugs in version 1.00, 1.10, or 1.20?

None are known at this time. If you find one, by all means e-mail the author at mwganson at hotmail dot com! There are, however, a couple minor issues in 1.10: 1) some of the screen shots in the online documentation are a little different from the current version due to removal of the upper header in tape box printouts; and 2) mouseover help is being displayed in the status bar during print preview screens. These have been deemed insignifant and will be fixed in a later release. These were resolved in 1.20, except that there are still a few screenshots in the documentation that differ slightly from the actual program display.

What type of warranty is offered on MAM?

None. Please read the warranty disclaimer during the installation. The software is being provided AS-IS. Use at your own risk!

Are additional macro (.mcr) files available?

Yes, but currently only one (1) is available. However, I do plan to create more macro files as time permits. Here is a link to the macro file:

Shift Click here for the WinLossPercentage Macro File
This macro takes the number of wins, losses, and ties in a sports team's record and converts it to a win loss percentage. Download the .mcr file and save it into the same folder where you installed MAM. The default folder is "C:\Program Files\Mam\", but you might have chosen a different folder during installation. After downloading the macro file, run MAM and choose the Import Macro File item in the Macros menu. You should see the WinLossPercentage macro file in the file listing. If not, you didn't save it in the right folder. Try using the find tool in the Start menu to find the WinLossPercentage.mcr file on your computer and move it into the MAM folder. Once you've imported the macro file with the Import Macro File menu item, press the "M0" macro key and follow the prompts to use the macro.

If anyone has written any useful macros, e-mail them to me at mwganson at hotmail dot com and I will put them here, with due credit to the author, for others to download. Be sure to include a brief description on using your macro. I reserve the right to edit any submitted macros.

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