PowerballPicker, NFLPicker, Java4Free!, Mark's Adding Machine, WinKeySim

As you can see, I have a number of websites that I maintain here.

PowerballPicker features a Java applet that ranks powerball lotto numbers according to the frequencies with which the numbers have been drawn. You get to see which numbers are HOT and which numbers are DUE.

NFLPicker features a Java applet that handicaps NFL football games against the Las Vegas point spread. It also provides a wealth of statistical data for each team and for the overall league.

Mark's Adding Machine is a freeware adding machine / calculator for Windows. It features an onscreen tape box that can be printed. Other features include: macro support and spreadsheet integration.

Java4Free! contains an expanding collection of original applets and JavaScripts that you may download and use absolutely free of charge on your own website(s).

WinKeySim is a freeware utility for Windows that provides keyboard macro support. You create your macro using the very simple built-in scripting language, then select the macro from a popup context menu that appears when you right click the WinKeySim icon in the system tray, next to the system clock. After selecting the macro, you click the window where you want your simulated text inserted. The target application (or Windows itself) behaves just as if you had entered the keystrokes manually because WinKeySim is inserting the keystrokes directly into the system keyboard buffer. Great for automating logins, creating bookmarks, etc.

WorkoutGenSD is a freeware program for Windows XP and later that allows users of iFitTM treadmills (support for other equipment to be added in the future) to create/edit their own workouts. Works with the newer SD card treadmills, not the older audio "chirp" technology. Allows up to 26 workouts per SD card. Workouts can be graduated to slightly increase (or decrease) the intensity levels as the user achieves greater and greater physical conditioning.

Send questions/comments/flames to mwganson(AT)hotmail.com.

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